Vocational Track

The ED Anywhere Vocational Track takes career and educational planning to a new level. The proven career assessment and reporting system is a powerful, yet easy-to-use program. With more than 40 years of experience developing world class assessment programs, we have designed a self-administered system that measures both aptitude and interest through valid and reliable assessment tasks. The results are instrumental in helping an individual begin their career or educational planning process.

Interest inventory helps to target key areas of interest.

The Interest Inventory measures and identifies a user's attraction to careers that correspond to the U.S. Department of Labor's Interest Areas. These areas are: The results from the Interest Inventory are compiled into a comprehensive Individual Profile Analysis (IPA). The IPA objectively identifies each evaluee's most significant interest area preferences.

Critical aptitudes measured.

The aptitudes measured by our program are the most critical for today's high growth and high replacement rate occupations, as well as for the emerging careers of the 21st century. The aptitudes measured are: Our program can even incorporate physical performance scores including motor coordination, finger dexterity and manual dexterity.

Easy for the Evaluee - Designed to meet the evaluee's needs.

Our program is easy to use and information is presented in a friendly interactive format. Evaluees quickly develop a sense of confidence in completing their assessment tasks. Self-administered tasks take 60 minutes or less to complete. CareerScope is self-administered and each evaluee works on a different workstation. This enables evaluees to work at their own pace and comfort level. The entire assessment process takes only 60 minutes or less to complete.

Helpful tools guide people with all levels of computer experience. Even people with limited computer experience are quickly "up and running" on our software. All that is required is minimal proficiency with a mouse and a fourth grade reading level.

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