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Welcome to the OREGON Homeschool with ED Anywhere information center. ED Anywhere encourages you to join a homeschooling group listed below in your area.

Local & State homeschool groups or organizations in OREGON


620 S.W., Fifth Ave., 5th Floor
Portland, OR 97204-1428
Phone: (503) 243-2081
Toll Free: (800) 452-1694
TDD: (503) 232-9161
TDD Toll Free: (800) 556-5351
FAX: (503) 243-1738


Executive Director: Robert Joondeph

Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEAN)

17985 Falls City Rd, Dallas, OR 97338
Phone: (503) 288-1285

Oregon Home Education Network

P.O. Box 1386, Beaverton, OR 97075
Phone: (503) 321-5166

Albany Christian Home School Group

4825 Fir Place NW, Albany, OR 97321
Contact: Connie Valesano
Phone: (541) 917-3569
Albany Christian Home School Group serves to encourage and support home schooling families.

BCC Homeschool Group

Contact: Kathi Bonham
Phone: 503-848-8656 or 503-267-3419
Description: The BCC Homeschool Group supports homeschool families in the Washington County area. We accept all families, however, you should know that we are a Christian group. Currently, our group meets every Friday of the month from 12:30-2:00 p.m. in the gym. The 1st and 4th Fridays of the month are activities that are planned by group members. The 2nd Friday of the month is our Field Trip day, and the 3rd Friday of the month is a Book Group day.
Requirements: We only ask that group members help with planning Friday activities.
Benefits: We have planned monthly field trips and once a quarter "Mom's Night Out."
Cost: None

Basic Skills Assessment Service

19144 S. Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR 97045
Contact: Curt Bumcrot
Phone: (503) 650-5282

Crook County Home Educators

2865 SE Slayton Ct, Prineville, OR 97754
Contact: Wanda Henry
Phone: (541) 447-1607

Central Oregon Unschoolers Group (COunschool)

Contact: Kristi Brewington
Phone: 541-923-5924
Description: We are a local unschooling group for families in the Bend-Redmond area. We get together for park days, potlucks, field trips, and anything else we can think of. The group is open to any unschooling family with children of any age. We use our online group as a base. We postmessages,set up meeting times,and post photos there.Please join us! We would love to have you.
Requirements: This is an unschooling group, and as such we are open only to unschooling families. We believe that learning happens as we live, work, and play. The focus is on learning by interest, rather than by a schedule or curriculum. We are a secular group. We are open to unschooling families of all faiths (including those not practicing any faith) but we do not focus on religion or religious subject matter in our group. Our main focus is to meet others who are sharing in our exciting way of learning. All that is really required is that we all respect the differences in each other and come prepared to meet new friends and have some fun!
Cost: None

Estacada Home Educators

Contact: Elaine Butler
Phone: 503-630-4187
Description: This group communicates primarily through email. To join the list, you can either send an email, or find ehomed at Use the email list to discover local and/or like-minded families, relevant activities, and homeschool news and events. Share your experiences and questions with others.
Requirements: We are an inclusive group, supporting homeschool families from various philosophical and religious perspectives, cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and cooperative experiences. Use what applies to your family, and be aware of what others are doing. Understand that others may have wide religious or political differences, but we can learn from and support each other anyway.
Benefits: As a communication aid, ehomed exists to tie together localhomeschoolers in whatever ways they find helpful. We have sponsored co-op classes, monthly meetings, field trips, and other events, depending on the needs of members.
Cost: None

Eugene Area Unschoolers

Contact: Jennefer Harper
Description: This is an online group with the sole purpose of connecting Eugene area unschoolers. Connecting, networking, discussion, activity planning etc. is encouraged. This is an exclusive and secular unschoolinggroup.
Requirements: This group is for unschoolers only Benefits: One benefit of this group is the creation of an unschoolingcommunity in the Eugene area. Connecting is the purpose. We offer a resourceful links page, Book lending library, CD lending library and Recipe sharing file. Anything is possible.
Cost: none

Greater Portland Homeschoolers

Based in Portland, OR
Greater Portland Homeschoolers (GPH) is a non-profit, inclusive, participant-driven support group of homeschooling families run like a cooperative. GPH offers stories, events, and activities of interests to homeschooling andunschooling families located in the Portland metropolitan area.

Homeschoolers of Lane County

38040 Pengra Road, Fall Creek, OR 97438
Phone: (503) 937-2271

Home Grown Family Education

Contact: Holly Haus
Phone: 503-786-2597
Description: Welcome! We are an inclusive group of homeschool families in the 99E/I-205 corridor, largely Clackamas County. Our group is a place where we can support eachother, ask for advice, share resources and our experiences in all aspects ofhomeschooling.
Requirements: We ask our members to support each other by actively volunteering to plan or assist in field trips, activities, classes and workshops. We further ask that members attend a minimum of four Mom's Meetings each year.
Benefits: Field trips, activities, classes and workshops for the kids, as well as education opportunities for our homeschooling parents.We have an email loop for our members putting support at our fingertips.
Cost: $5 yearly

Jackson County Home Educators

790 Cherry Street, Medford, OR 97501
Contact: Zana Walker
Phone: (503) 779-1595

Josephine County Homeschool Network

Contact: Cynthia
Phone: 541-471-0270
Description: Classes, field trips, support groups, co-op learning groups, books or just help in getting started in homeschooling
Requirements: None
. Benefits: Field trips, classes, resources, etc
Cost: none

Lane County Christian Homeschoolers

Description: This group is for Christian homeschooling residents of the Eugene and Springfield area in Oregon. Lane County. We are a group not just for children-type events. We are all about parent-type events, co-op classes, sharing great finds, sharing hints and tips, asking questions, telling others of free or nearly free homeschoolhelps/events/info, you name it! The value of some good christian friends for your children is immeasurable, as we all know! (and good for parents too!)United we are stronger- and more informed! The more active you are- the better the group is.
Requirements: There are no membership fees. We ask that you be an actively participating member. When you apply for membership, we will ask you to submit a brief introduction. Members must believe: the God of the Bible is the only true God and that our salvation rests on the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is God, who died on the cross for all mankind, was raised in the flesh and ascended to sit at the right hand of God.
Benefits: Membership card available to members. Can be used for discounts at area retailers.
Cost: None

LDS - Oregon Home Educators Association

5834 NW 181st Ave Portland, OR 97229
Contact: Ann Agent
Phone: (503) 629-2590
Our mission is to offer support & networking opportunities for LDSHomeschoolers. We include all who are interested in the education of their children in the SW Washington and Oregon area. LDS-OHEA is not sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor do we claim to represent the views of all LDS homeschoolers. Description: Network of over 280 families from Oregon & SW Washington who seek support from other LDS homeschooling families. Members are encouraged to share news, activities that others may benefit from. Mostly an online resource through the website and eMail newsletter. Annual Conference.
Requirements: We follow the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Benefits: Benefits include eMail Newsletter of activities
and homeschoollegislation watch. Various sponsored activities throughout the year, field trips, science fair, park days, picnic and Annual Conference. Website resource includes message board, library of articles, links and password protected membership directory access to full members. Some members prefer Newsletter only participation and are not posted in the membership directory.
Cost: None

Total Education At Christian Homes TEACH

Contact: Tricia Drevits
Phone: (503) 956-5845
Description: TEACH exists to support and encourage members in their Christian homeschooling effort through fellowship and education. Our function is one of watch keeping and nurturing, not one of evangelism. TEACH sponsors monthly meetings, field trips, various other activities, and a newsletter. Begun in the early 1980's, we continue to service homeschoolingfamilies in Josephine County, western Jackson County, and southern Douglas County.
Requirements: TEACH does require its member families to have at least one professing Christian parent.
Benefits: TEACH provides monthly meetings for parents, monthly field trips for students, a bowling league, a skiing group, eye and ear exams, a monthly newsletter, a mom's night out, a yearly graduation ceremony, a yearbook, and many other occasional events where homeschoolers can learn and interact with others.
Cost: $20 yearly

The Oregon's School of Unschooling

Contact: Ambe
Description: Hello, and welcome to The Oregon's School of Unschooling. We are a small group of non-religious relaxed/unstructured homeschoolers, andunschoolers located in Washington County Oregon. The children in our group range from ages 4-10. But we welcome all ages.We love to meet otherunschoolers, and unstructured homeschoolers. We offer support on your bad days, and love to share the laughs on your good days. Most of all, we love to share the rewards of having our children home with us, as we learn through life together as a family. This group was created for us to come and discuss topics of interest, and plan group projects and adventures! We invite you to join and introduce yourself. If you are homeschooling, unschooling, have questions about getting started, or have good advise to offer from over the years, we welcome you.
Requirements: non-religious relaxed/unstructured homeschoolers, andunschoolers
Benefits: Newsletters, field trips / adventures!, and fun!
Cost: None

Olympic Institute for Leadership Development, Inc.

1686 NE Tucson Way, Bend OR 97701-6235
Contact: Brian M. Douglass
Phone: (877) 818-3651
Fax: (541) 385-7732
Offering counseling and mentoring programs for the Homeschool community.

Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN)

P.O. Box 218 Beaverton OR 97075-0218
Contact: Annette Salsman
Phone: 503- 321-5166
Description: OHEN is an inclusive, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting all of Oregon's homeschooling families. OHEN supports the right of all homeschoolers to educate their children with as little government intervention as possible. Celebrating the diversity within ourhomeschooling community, OHEN welcomes any person without regard to educational philosophy, religion, creed, race, color, sex or ethnic or national origin.
Requirements: Annual membership dues.
Benefits: OHEN follows state legislative activity and local and national trends that might affect homeschooling. OHEN volunteers try to be vigilant in keeping families informed in order to protect the natural right of parents to educate their children. OHEN sponsors a statewide conference and occasional workshops. This and other events are announced through the OHEN E-group and on this website. OHEN responds to inquiries abouthomeschooling. OHEN maintains a library of homeschooling books for use by members. OHEN maintains an announcement-only e-group for communication to members.
Cost: $5 yearly

Solid Rock Christian Academy

25971 Fleck Road, Veneta, OR 97487
Contact: Pamela Sciotto
Phone: (541) 935-5762
Homeschool program serving Lane County, offers classes, field trips, newsletters, special events, transcripts, diplomas, lending library, curriculum counseling, state testing, and more.

Salem Homeschool Independent Network of Educators-(SHINE)

Contact: Sonja Persey
Description: SHINE is an organization for support, educational fieldtrips and socialization of homeschooling families in Salem Oregon and surrounding areas. Vision/Purpose: SHINE holds park days, meetings and annual get-togethers such as camping trips and picnics. No one person or commitee is required to plan any activity. Families are invited to plan social activities and/or field trips of their choice. We remain free, open and most of all simple and uncomplicated. This enables each family to decide its own homeschool needs and how best to meet those needs. We are open to ALL homeschool families regardless of reason for homeschooling, and religious or political affiliations. Emphasis is on group activities with respect, compassion and tolerance toward others. Religious Affiliation: SHINE welcomes all homeschoolers, however we do strive to uphold Christian morals and values.
Requirements: No requirements at this time
Benefits: We remain free, open and most of all simple and uncomplicated. This enables each family to decide its own homeschool needs and how best to meet those needs. We are open to ALL homeschool families regardless of reason for homeschooling, and religious or political affiliations. Emphasis is on group activities with respect, compassion and tolerance toward others.
Cost: None

Southern Oregon Teen Unschool/Homeschool Network

Phone: 541-476-3831
Contract: Laura Carpine
Description: This group is for connecting teens who are unschooling and homeschooling in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Connecting, networking, discussion, activities, gatherings and event planning is encouraged. Our group enjoys meeting at local skate/BMX parks, trips to the ocean, snowboarding/skiing carpools on weekdays, getting together for music and jam sessions and potlucks. Feel free to bring ideas about life learning, autodidactic philosophies, world as teacher, and a learn more teach less approach to education.
Requirements: This group is a relaxed casual group of unschooling/homeschooling 13-18 year olds. We are focused on teens, but welcome younger children too. We are a non-religious group open to people of all faiths.
Benefits: This group offers community for our unschooling/homeschooling teens in Jackson and Josephine Counties Oregon.
Cost: None

Total Education at Christian Home (TEACH)

P.O. Box 82, Grants Pass, OR 97526
Contact: Tricia Drevets
Phone: (541) 956-5845

Veneta Home Education Network

Serving the West Lane County areas including but not limited to Veneta, Elmira, Crow, Juntion City and West Eugene.
Contact: Donna Jones
Phone: (541) 935-6169
We support members through weekly park days, potlucks as well as field trips, and classes. All members agree to host just 2 activities per year.

Village Home Education Resource Center

P.O. Box 2093, Beaverton OR 97075-2093
Phone: (503) 892-2458
A learning community serving homeschooling families by offering affordable classes and field trips to Portland Oregon Metro-area homeschool students. Village Home is a tuition-based, private program. All homeschoolers welcome, regardless of ESD registration status. Classes start at $45 and offerings include math, science, language arts, foreign language, PE, and more.

Westside Coach

10235 SW Clydesdale Terrace, Beaverton, OR 97008
Phone: (503) 699-9241
Home school support group for the Washington County area of Oregon. We have been in existence for over 15 years and offer support to 150-200 families in our area.

Westside Homeschool Families

Beaverton, OR 97006
Contact: Margaret Simpson
Christian families who live in Washington County Oregon. Most families live in the Beaverton / Hillsboro area. We plan regular field trips and outings for the children and provide parents support through monthly meetings and social outings.

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