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Local & State homeschool groups or organizations in NEW MEXICO


Disability Rights New Mexico
1720 Louisiana Blvd., N.E., Suite 204
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: (505) 256-3100
TDD: (505) 256-3100
FAX: (505) 256-3184


Executive Director: James Jackson

Christian Association of Parent Educators - New Mexico (CAPE-NM)

P.O. Box 3203, Moriarty, NM 87035
Phone: (505) 898-8548

Albuquerque Home Learners

Serving Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Julie or Amy
Phone: (505) 323-5888, (505) 797-8989, or (505) 286-7990
A diverse, yet unified organization of homeschooling families who work collectively and cooperatively to provide encouragement, support, resources, and both social and educational activities and opportunities to its members and their children. Description: A diverse, yet unified organization of homeschooling families who work collectively and cooperatively to provide encouragement, support, resources, and both social and educational activities and opportunities to its members and their children. We are working to build a fellowship which recognizes each member's valuable contribution. Our operation is based upon mutual respect, member initiative, and a democratically based decision making process. We acknowledge a responsibility to one another, as well as to our local community. We will allow our group to evolve as our enrollment, and our children, grow.
Requirements: Annual dues only.
Benefits: We provide field trips, classes, park days, parents night out, curriculum nights, "class" pictures, and monthly organizational meetings forhomeschooled children from ages 2-17, with an emphasis on ages 3-12.
Cost:$24 yearly

Albuquerque Homeschool Co-op

Based in Albuquerque, NM
An inclusive support group offering homeschooling families social support, educational activities, and fun. Site includes message board forhomeschoolers across NM. Description: We offer homeschooling families social support, fun, and enriching educational activities. Our busy group welcomes homeschoolersregardless of religious belief or educational philosophy. Visit our active message board to connect with other New Mexico homeschoolers.
Requirements: Attend one event per quarter.
Benefits: Weekly park days, classes, field trips, holiday parties, art expo, world traveler's club, curriculum sharing, and monthly mom's night out.
Cost: None

Christian Organization of Residential Educators (CORE)

Serving Albuquerque and surrounding areas
Contact: Jess Selbee
This group will provide regular park days, classes, nature walks, community service opportunities, holiday parties, parent luncheons as well as taking advantage of the wonderful resources, field trips and activities available tohomeschoolers in this area.

Clovis Area Home Educators

132 Crescent Drive, Clovis, NM 88101
Contact: Sharon Terry
Phone: (505) 762-6027
We serve the Clovis / Portales / Cannon Air Force / West Texas region, providing co-op classes in the fall and spring, as well as volleyball, track, and golf for the junior high and high school athletes. Our newsletter is published 10 times per year.

Cottonwood Homeschoolers

Serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding communities.
Contact: Shane O'neill">
We are a secular play time and field trip group. Serving families with children of school age (5+). Siblings of school age children are very welcome. Families of all denominations are welcome. Description: Inclusive. Play dates, field trips, holiday parties and much more. West Side, Rio Rancho, Corrales and North Valley families.
Requirements: We ask each family arrange one field trip a year.
Benefits: We are a secular play time and field trip group. Serving families with children of school age. We plan several field trips and potlucks throughout the school year.
Cost: None

Home Sweet Home Christian Educators (HSHCE)

Description: Open to anyone interested in Homeschooling. Monthly meetings, second Wednesday of the month at 11:15 am (Will Resume in Fall) First Baptist Church 913 La Joya Street, Espanola
Requirements: Fill out the Yearly Registration Form
Benefits: Monthly Newsletter
Cost: There is also a yearly Registration Fee

Homeschooling PACT - Parents and Children Together

Box 961, Portales, NM 88130-0961
Phone: (505) 359-1618
We're a small informal, inclusive organization. We've been offering information, activities, and support to homeschooling families in the Portales/Clovis/CAFB area since 1993. Description: We are a small, informal, inclusive, cooperative organization which has been offering support, information, and activities to allhomeschooling families in the area since 1993. Requirements: We have no officers, bylaws, committees, etc. All active members are expected to help somehow with planning, organizing, coordinating, and other group responsibilities. Benefits: Newsletter, weekly activity days, field trips, special projects and events, student awards ceremony, and much more! Cost: $10 yearly

Lea County Home School Association

Based in Lea County, NM
Contact: Lori McCulloch
A group of parents and children who have come together to provide support, encouragement, and social situations which we would be unable to provide as individuals, such as field day events, special field trips, etc. Description: We are a group of parents and children who have come together for support and fellowship.The purpose of our association is to provide support, encouragement, and social situations which we would be unable to provide as individuals such as field day events, special field trips, etc. We strongly believe that a child's parents are his best educators. To that end, we strive to help homeschoolers in our area continue to educate their children at home.
Requirements: The Lea County Home School Association is a Christian Support Group. Only homeschooling families who reside in Lea County, New Mexico may join.
Benefits: We provide two, 8 week, co-op sessions per year for children of all ages in our association. Dues are $10 per family per semester. We offer two class sessions per week of about 1 1/2 hours each. Topics of classes include weaving, outdoor safety, law enforcement, book making, science, health, cooking, and more. Members of the association are not required to participate in co-op but it is strongly recommended.
Cost: $20 yearly

Mesilla Valley Christian Home Educators

2525 Cherokee Circle, Las Cruces, NM 88011
Contact: Kathy Gruben
Phone: (505) 521-0859
We sponsor a homeschool co-op-type group for all ages that will be meeting for two six week sessions during the 05-06 school year. We also have field trips and a few other activities.

New Mexico Family Educators (NMFE)

P.O. Box 92276, Albuquerque, NM 87199-2276
Contact: Darla McLeod
Phone: (505) 275-7053
Publishes newsletter 10 times per year, The Connection. Membership $20 per year, fee includes subscription.


Contact: Ginifer Buckley
Description: Secular and all inclusive homeschooling support group. Meeting regularly for park days, fieldtrips, classes, and more. Most of our activities take place, but are not limited to, the East Mountain area. All homeschoolersare welcome!
Requirements: NONE
Benefits: fieldtrips, play days, classes, day trips, informal get togethers,parties....
Cost: none

Rio Rancho & Albuquerque UNschoolers

Serving Rio Rancho, Corrales, Westside, Albuquerque and surrounding areas
Contact: Crystal Miller
Welcoming and supporting unschooling families within Rio Rancho and the surrounding areas (West side, Corrales, NE Heights, Albuquerque). Our main goal is to foster local friendships with like-minded unschoolers, radicalunschoolers, whole life learners, and life long learners, although we will also help people who want to understand unschooling. This group has no religious agenda.

Sandoval County Homeschoolers

Based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Contact: Michelle
Phone: (505) 994-2524
One field trip per month, two park days per month, library program at the Rio Rancho Public library, and a newsletter.

Santa Fe Community School Home Study Program (SFCS HSP)

P.O. Box 289, Torreon, NM 87061
Phone: (866) 703-9375
Providing a way since 1974 for homeschooling families to maintain comprehensive records and educate their children. Based on those records we issue credits, diplomas and transcripts.

Santa Fe Homeschool Association

Based in Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Tamieka
Santa Fe Homeschool Association is a cooperative group of homeschoolingfamilies residing in and around Santa Fe. All are welcome to join our friendly group, regardless of homeschool methods, personal philosophies, or religious beliefs.
Description: Santa Fe Homeschool Association is a large group ofhomeschooling families located in Santa Fe, NM and from surroundingareas.The group is comprised of families of many different faiths, beliefs, creeds, and walks of life. Everyone is welcome, regardless of Educational Methods or Religious beliefs. Homeschool Support is our primary goal! Our group offers many activities and events for homeschoolers, such as Parent Support Meetings, occasional Classes, Clubs, Annual Science Fair, Field Trips, Parties, End or Beginning of Year Family Picnics, Musical & Theatrical Events, Weekly Ice Skating, Park Days, and a Teen Group. Ourhomeschool group is cooperative, relying on the generosity of parents to volunteer, organize, and coordinate events. Everyone's suggestions, ideas, efforts, and plans are welcome.
Requirements: Our Group requires a brief member profile upon joining, and asks that you attend at least one meeting.
Benefits: Cooperative participation ensures regular events within the group. Events and activities depend upon our parents.
Cost: None

Sierra County Home and Private School Support

618 Van Patten Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
Contact: Kim Audette
Phone: 505-894-3132
Description: Our members decide on events, times, locations by consensus. Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest. Join by phone, website or email. SCHAPSS provides support for alternative school events, materials, and social opportunities.
Requirements: We are working on attendance by video or phone conference. This group is prohibited from criticizing any type ofhomeschooling, except during formal debates held for educational purposes.
Benefits: The upcoming information fair to be held in July (watch the website) will provide an idea of what benefits SCHAPSS has to offer. The newsletter will be available at the information fair at the Skate
Cost: None

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