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Welcome to the LOUISIANA Homeschool with ED Anywhere information center. ED Anywhere encourages you to join a homeschooling group listed below in your area.

Local & State homeschool groups or organizations in LOUISIANA


1010 Common Street, Suite 2600
New Orleans, LA 70112-2429
Phone: (504) 522-2337
Toll Free: (800) 960-7705
TDD: (504) 522-2337
Toll Free TTY: (800) 935-7348
FAX: (504) 522-5507


Executive Director: Lois Simpson

Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana

P.O. Box 226, Maurice, LA 70555
Phone: (888) 876-2433
Fax: (337) 898-1316
The Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana is a Christian organization comprised of Christian home education support groups from around the state. The unique relationship CHEF of Louisiana has with local support groups offers each home educating family the comprehensive, unified and affordable support it needs at local and state levels. We have been in existence for over twenty years and are governed by a Board of Directors. For more information please refer to their organization page .

Alliance of Baton Rouge Area Homeschool (ABRAH)

930 High Lake Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Contact: Connie Bernard
A inclusive, member-run group of homeschoolers, serving those families who choose to homeschool by networking through activities, events, and Yahoo Group. We host park days, field trips, Parent's Night Out, and other activities. Description: Alliance of Baton Rouge Area Homeschool (ABRAH) is a group ofhomeschoolers, advocating individual choice and freedom in education, serving those families who choose to home school by networking through activities, events, and yahoo groups. ABRAH is an inclusive community of homeschooling families providing support and resources for people who have chosen to educate their families at home. Members have varied backgrounds, as well as varied political and religious beliefs. In ABRAH we celebrate our differences and treat each other with respect and kindness being sensitive to the diversity that is within thegroup.Decisions for our group are made by a democratic process in which members have a voice in making those decisions.We hope to begin weekly park days, monthly field trips, parent's night out, and other activities as posted by the members.
Requirements: Homeschoolingin Baton Rouge area.
Benefits: Planned field trips, parent's night out, park day, support, curricula and material swap.
Cost: none

ANOLE -A New Orleans Learning Experience

New Orleans Metro, LA
Suzanne Champagne
Description: We are an all inclusive, non-denominational group. All are welcome no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation or special needs. We believe that children (and adults) thrive best when they are socialized with as diverse a group as possible. No matter how you home teach your children -- whether you use a structured curriculum, unstructured curriculum or unschool -- you are welcome here.
Requirements: While our website will always be open to the public, the group itself and access to our message board is for members only. To become a member of this group you must attend at least one group activity -- be it a park trip, field trip, organized class or party. We do this for the protection of the children and group members.
Benefits: We are currently regrouping ourselves after Hurricane Katrina. Pre-K, We met regularly for weekly play dates, had regular Art classes, and offered many field trip opportunities. Please join us in rebuilding New Orleans and our homeschooling community.
Cost: $10 yearly


Serves Alexandria Central Louisiana
Description: We are a Christian Homeschool Support Group. We will hold our annual kick off for the 2006-2007 year on August 19th. Please email me for more info.Lots of support, field trips, information and friendship!
Requirements: None
Benefits: Newsletters, Monthly Field Trips and Mom's Meetings. Weekly Park Meet Up's
Cost: $25 yearly

Christian Family Educators

9229 Linwood Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71106
Contact: Rita
Phone: (318) 687-5135
CFE is a Christian home school support group with approximately 150 member families. We organize field trips, spelling bee, graduation, and many other fellowship opportunities. In addition to fellowship opportunities for our children, we offer fellowship opportunities for moms and dads, too.

Christian Home Educator's Fellowship of the River Region. Inc. (CHEF of RR, Inc.)

P.O. Box 492, LaPlace, LA 70069
Contact: William & Daphne Darr

Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Lafayette

P. O. Box 51588, Lafayette, LA 70505
CHEF of Lafayette is dedicated to the support of home education in Lafayette and surrounding areas. We are a member group of CHEF of Louisiana.

Christian Home Educators Fellowship of St. Bernard

Based in St. Bernard Parish and eastern New Orleans
A Christian homeschool support group, offering a variety of educational and recreational opportunities for our members, including field trips, cooperative courses, standardized testing, family nights, Science Fair, and more!

Christian Homeschool Co-op of South Louisiana

P.O. Box 1595
Albany, LA 70711
Serving areas surrounding Hammond, LA
Contact: Bridget Chiro
Contact: Beth
Christian Homeschool Co-op of South Louisiana was formed to provide enrichment classes, clubs, field trips,activities and social opportunities for our home schooled children. As a by-product of the co-op, parents regularly interact and form strong friendships.


P.O. Box 77583
Baton Rouge, LA 70879
Contact: Summer Kelly Email:
Description: We are an all-inclusive, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religion, homeschooling support group. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for homeschooling families to come together for fun and educational activities.
Requirements: Children must be homeschooled by either a parent or grandparent in the home. Special cases can be offered for consideration. Racial, political, and/or religious intolerance are not welcome in our group. Members must read, agree and adhere to a set of ByU Rules and Regulations and have a signed application on hand to participate in group activities.
Benefits: Some of our activities include:*Educational field trips (tours, historical exploration, planetariums, aquarium, etc.) *Fun field trips (skating, bowling, etc.) *Moms' Night Out (grown-ups only!) *Family Night Out (for the whole family) *Annual family picnics (Spring Fling and "NOT-Back-to-School" Picnic) *Cultural events (multi-cultural festival, teen dances, teen pizza nights and game nights, variety shows, etc.)
Cost: None

Divine Providence Catholic Homeschool Group

260 Goux Road
Bunkie, LA 71322
Contact: Sandra West
Phone: 318-346-7182 or 318-619-9418
Description: We are a Catholic group all working towards living our lives in union with Jesus. We are called by God to homeschool and raise our children to be saints. We uphold high standards of education and we aspire to live the Gospel and help others to as well. We do not discriminate against any other religion, all are welcome, but we are Catholic. We have 1st Friday Mass at Maryhill in Pineville at Noon followed by a picnic and sports/games, fellowship and fun. The main age group is 5 to 15. All are welcome at our events. Birth to 100!
Requirements: We welcome anyone to come to what ever they feel led to come to. If you like us and what we are about, you will return.
Benefits: Our communication is basically email. We send out an annual schedule and reminders. We have many activities, i.e., Space Day, Sports Day, Bug Day, Academic Fair, History Day (with a specific theme) Science Experiment Day, All Saints Party, Valentine's Day Party, St. Patrick's Hike/Party and many other field trips and activities. We also have Mom's support nights every few months. Guitar lessons are available as well as Drama/Voice lessons. The annual planning meeting will be in Mid-August. The date is not yet set.
Cost: None

Holy Family Catholic Homeschoolers

Contact: Patti Chasuk
Description: We are a Roman Catholic homeschool support group. Our mission is to support families who provide their children's primary education at home and to provide family activties that help to enrich our Catholic faith. We have weekly gatherings including mass, fieldtrips, clubs, park days, feast day celebrations, service projects, rosary making, etc.
Requirements: yearly dues
Benefits: We have a monthly newsletter, fieldtrips, e-group for parents, mom's/parent's night out, and information packets for those new tohomeschooling.
Cost: $15 yearly

Holy Family Homeschoolers

Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Patti Chasuk
Description: We are a Roman Catholic homeschool group made up of lay faithful established to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children's primary education at home. We meet weekly for various group activities, including 1st Friday mass, feast day celebrations, park days, fieldtrips.
Requirements: Dues $15/year.
Benefits: Newsletter, fieldtrips and activities, and fellowship
Cost: None

Holy Family Home Educators

843 Belle Dr, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Contact: Craig and Sharon Branson
Phone: (337) 332-4156
HFHE s primary purpose is to share information and offer encouragement, both spiritually and academically, to families committed to Roman Catholic home education. Description: Our primary purpose is to share information and offer encouragement, both spiritually and academically, to families committed to Roman Catholic home education. The guiding principle of all our functions and activities lies in our faithfulness to the teachings, Traditions and Doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and Her Magesterium, including the Holy Father in Rome, who, as successor to St. Peter, is the universal teacher in matters of faith and morals. OUR GOALS ARE: To provide a support group that promotes and encourages Catholic family life for families who educate theirchild(ren) at home. To conduct meetings at which educational material, curriculum, books, ideas and concerns can be discussed. To provide information concerning field trips, cultural events, community service activities and legislative news which may be of interest to Catholic home educators. To network information through a monthly newsletter, meetings, gatherings and the phone tree. To provide controlled social opportunities for our children.
Requirements: There are no requirements associated with membership, however we encourage members to get involved where they can.
Benefits: MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES... NEWSLETTER, PHONE TREE, FIELD TRIPS (usually monthly), MOTHERS' MEETINGS, BLUE BOOK (Group information book), SOCIAL EVENTS: All Saints Party, Mother/Daughter Event, Father/Son Camp-Event, Graduation / Honors Night, and much more...
Cost: $30 yearly

Home Educators Association of West St Tammany

Mandeville, Covington, and all surrounding areas

Jefferson Association of Christian Home Educators (JACHE)

P.O. Box 2852, Harvey, LA 70059
Contact: Jason & Barbara Mitchell
Phone: (504) 368-0660
Offering physical education, field trips, and special classes, educational seminars, monthly meetings, and a monthly newsletter.

Learning Garden

Covers Covington and Mandeville, LA and surrounding areas
Phone: (985) 809-1041

LIFE Homeschool Support Group

533 Natural Gas Rd, Logansport, LA 71049
Contact: Vicky Winchester
Phone: (318) 679-5333
A support group of homeschool families in the western Louisiana area, serving west Louisiana and east Texas. Our purpose is to work together for the education and spiritual growth of our children.

Louisiana Home Education Network

PMB 700, 602 W. Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles, LA 70601

Louisiana Homeschooling Association

Based in Vivian, LA
Contact: Debe Mixon
Phone: (318) 296-4474
We are a secular group that homeschools not just because of religious reasons, but because of our commitment to educating our children.

Northshore Home Educators

Serving Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, and all Northshore communities Email:
An inclusive and diverse, family-lead support group for all homeschoolers on the Northshore, including: Slidell, Pearl River, Lacombe, Mandeville, Covington, Folsom and beyond.

Openminded Homeschoolers

116 Lyles Road, Bunkie, LA 71322
Contact: Lucrecia Mouser
Phone: (318) 346-9326
We are a secular, all-inclusive homeschool support group in Avoyelles Parish, LA. We offer park days, field trips, friendship and homeschool support.
Description: Openminded Homeschoolers is an all inclusive secularhomeschool support group based in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana. We offer park days for homeschool families to gather together. All ages are welcome. We also plan fun and educational outings.
Requirements: Openminded Homeschoolers has no set requirements. We are a group of homeschool families that meet for support and friendship.
Benefits: We have weekly meetings and one field trip per month.
Cost: None

Roman Catholic Homeschool Association of Louisiana (RCHAL)

P.O. Box 663, Covington, LA 70434
Contact: James Herbert
Phone: (985) 839-1155
A Catholic homeschool support group in southeast LA, we have been together since the early 1980's. We support our members with newsletters, curriculum fair, Mom's Day Out, Toddler Time, field trips, PE, bowling, skating, youth groups, just to mention a few. We currently have over 100 registered families.

Slidell Christian Home Educators Fellowship (SCHEF)

145 Acadian Circle, Slidell, LA 70460
Phone: (985) 643-5023

South Central Louisiana Homeschool Co-op

Contact: Brandi Courville
Phone: 337-668-4475
Description: Welcome to South Central Louisiana Home School Co-op. We are a secular homeschooling co-op for families in the Lafayette area. Once you apply for membership I will send you an application. It is a basic info form so that I can become familiar with you & your family and to get an insight into what you are looking for in a support group/co-op. More than likely we will start out as a support/play group. Once we met each other we can grow from there. We will be planning field trips, Mom's Night Out, play dates as well as other activities. If there is interest I have many other ideas.
Requirements: There are no requirements to join
Benefits: We offer play dates, field trips, Mom's night out and online support via a yahoo group.
Cost: None

Southeast Louisiana Christian Home Educators Fellowship (SECHEF)

P.O. Box 1493, Hammond LA 70404-1493
Contact: Scott and Nancy Hill
We have families from several parishes including Tangipahoa, Livingston, St. Helena, Washington, and St. Tammany. We are under the umbrella of CHEF of LA. We have weekly activities for all ages, quarterly membership meetings, regular field trips, and a monthly newsletter.

Southwest Louisiana Christian Home Educators Fellowship

1406 Campfire Road, Lake Charles, LA 70611
Contact: Michael and Kimberly Kane

Tangi Livingston Home Educators

Hammond, LA
Contact: Peronda M.
Description: This is an all inclusive, all accepting homeschool group. We arehomeschoolers in Louisiana from the Tangipahoa and Livingston Parish or nearby areas. We love to have fun and explore while enjoying life. We enjoy meeting people regardless of homeschooling/unschooling styles, lifestyles or religious or group affiliations. While having different viewpoints we are polite, respectful and tolerant to views that may be different from our own. This is a group that is just beginning in this area. We feel that this is a needed option for homeschoolers in our area to get together and have fun. We would like to get together and plan social activities, both educational or leisure.
Requirements: The only rule we have here is that we all agree to disagree.
Cost: None

The Portier Institute of Higher Learning

1563 Cherry St., Slidell, LA 70460
Phone: (985) 640-3127

Unlimited Possibilities Home Educators

Based in Shreveport / Bossier, LA
Contact: Michelle & Paige
All inclusive support group for the Northwest Louisiana area.

Westbank Homeschool Organization (WHO), Inc.

P. O. Box 569, Marrero, LA 70073
Jefferson Parish, LA
Contact: Sylvia Effler
Phone: 504 348-9866
A support group based in the New Orleans area, sharing years of homeschoolexperience. Description: WHO Inc. is a support group that exists for the purpose of providing service and support to home educators. We support the freedom of all homeschool families. We believe that every family has a legal and constiTuitional right to home educate in the State of Louisiana. WHO Inc. has Christian values, but is non-denominational. We encourage our members to be involved in a Christian Church. You can trust us with many years of experience. Honesty and integrity are paramount. We have children ages Pre-K up through high school. We meet once a month, the first Tuesday of every month. Meeting location is Westwego City Hall, 419 Avenue A, Westwego, LA at 7 PM.
Requirements: Our membership dues are $10.00 per school year per family. Your membership dues include the following: Member's handbook, Several sample issues of homeschool and educational magazines Eligibility for our field trips and all our classes. Entitlement forchild(ren)'s participation in the promotion ceremony at the end of the school year. Family's entitlement in Annual Thanksgiving/Christmas Banquet.
Benefits: WHO, Inc. provides: Monthly meetings, Monthly newsletters, Field trips, Home school information, Christmas/Thanksgiving Banquet, Promotion Ceremony, Performing Arts Night, Bowling League, Chess Club, Classes and Activities: We understand that we cannot be experts in all subjects. As a means to assist you in your education of your children, we have various classes and events offered via third party providers (some are at a nominal cost, some are free).
Cost: $10 Yearly

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