GED Track

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GED Track

GED TrackThis instructional-based preparation for the GED exam offers a comprehensive software tool for all five GED examinations. Graphics, interactive lessons, sound and video features, visual stimulations, and prescriptive design are used to provide a complete and engaging study format.

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Management System

The ED Anywhere GED program allows for separate student access, teacher access, and administrator access. The addition of an administrator sign-on, allows for a more secure ability to maintain teacher records and to customize the resource listings. Teachers and administrators can view student progress in both a tabular format and graphic representation. The management system includes the ability to view progress down to the lesson level and shows skill level scores. The two most recent sessions of pretests and posttests provide a quick and easy way to view improvements on assessments.

Testing & Prescriptions

Each subject area begins with a half-length pretest and concludes with a full-length posttest. All test items are randomized so students won't become familiar with the content. Teachers and administrators have the ability to add, modify, or remove prescriptions for a total customizable study plan.

Online Resources

The ED Anywhere GED program contains weblinks to online resources. With the enormous amount of content available on the Internet, the worldwide web becomes an effective tool to obtain necessary background knowledge needed for success on the GED.


The Social Studies section of the GED program features two interactive timelines, one for U.S. history and one for world history. Each timeline allow students to click on any period to view text, see video, and/or hear sound bites. This feature provides students with an easy and fun way to study history.

Grid Responses and Calculator

The ED Anywhere GED program features alternative mathematics responses just like the GED Math exam. Coordinate plane grids and standard grid responses are both included. This program also features a functional software replica of the Casio fx-260, the only calculator allowed on the GED exam.

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ISAEP program

The ISAEP program is designed to assist students between the ages of 16-18, who would not otherwise be eligible to take the G.E.D. exam. The acronym ISAEP stands for: Individualized Student Alternative Educational Plan. This program is the only option for students 16-18 years of age to finish high school early.

Students are referred to this program for many reasons:

The G.E.D. option provides these students with:
In order to receive their G.E.D. with an ISAEP with us,each student must:
The G.E.D./ISAEP program is a great option for students with poor grades, attendance, and motivation, who might eventually drop out of school. Our program gives students a second chance at a positive educational experience and the opportunity to attend college, work, learn a trade, enter the military and lead successful lives.

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